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As promised, sharing with you an easy Homemade Flour Tortillas Recipe. Another favorite of me and Vishal at Chipotle's Mexican Grill.

Making bread at home might sound like a weekend project, but this one will take no more than 30 minutes, start to finish. Using plain old all-purpose flour and few other ingredients, you can cook this often-bought-from-store bread at home!

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With my step-by-step guiding recipe, trust me you will love to make'em for your next taco night!!

I used to buy tortillas for quasadillas/tacos. Since we make fresh wheat bread at home everyday, I ended up trashing a lot of store bought tortillas. Also, I noticed store-bought tortillas, even Organic ones, taste and smell like soap just a day after purchase. This was a big red flag for me! I told Vishal, we are not buying tortillas from store any more. I will make'em at home. Since then, I cook fresh flour tortillas for taco dinners or breakfast burritos.

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No need to buy a Tortilla Press! Really??

I don't own a tortilla machine/press, so all these gorgeous round tortillas are courtesy of my board-roller pin duo. If in hurry, don't worry about the round shape, roll a big large tortilla, then use medium size bowl to cut small round flour tortillas, this works really great for taco night. much much quicker than tortilla's press! For mini-tortillas, I use a large cookie cutter sometimes :) but, I am sure you got the idea.

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Dough can be made up-to one day in advance and cooked tortillas will stay good for about 4 hours. For reheating, wrap tortillas in a damp kitchen towel, then microwave for 30-40 seconds.

ChefDeHome's upcoming Cookbook

These days, I am devoting most of my time to my (much awaited) first cookbook. Even though I planned it long back, it is still not there yet... time just flies... feels like tomorrow when I started making first recipe for cookbook.

Writing a cookbook, for that matter book on any subject, takes a lot more than just knowing the subject. I can say so because I have authored a technical book before and it was true test of my patience. Especially when book starts to come together, you simply can't hold back the stuff you have worked so hard on, want to share it with the world, so bad!! I guess that's the hardest part, rest is easy...

Another important aspect of writing a book is designing and proof reading. My first book was not self-published. So, publisher was on my door-step every weekend, revising and re-writing, and adding more details....... and on and on.... This cookbook, however, will be my first self-published book as well. You can imagine, all that pain which publishers go through before publishing a cookbook, that all trouble is in my lap these days. Literally, I am spending long hours, with my LAPtop in my "lap" and working on my cookbook, watching it taking shape, baby-steps, one page at a time.

a little more wait girl, a little more wait... (I keep telling myself)

For past some months, I was working long hours on recipes... Vishal and I were eating for lunch what I cooked/tested to publish in the book! Good news - that phase is over now! Today, after a longtime, I had for lunch some mesh-mashed food in just 10 minutes :) My drunken noodle salad bowl with some gluten free buckwheat noodles, thai sauces and fresh veggies! yummy!! here is a quick peak (with my iphone) for y'all!!

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Back to Flour Tortillas!

but guys!! even with all busy schedule, I am still trying to keep my promises!! I told ya, I will keep updating the Chipotle's food at home post with new recipe links as I post. This flour tortillas link is going there. Make sure to PIN that page for later updates or subscribe to ChefDeHome Newsletter to receive weekly updates in your inbox.

Let me sum-up this easy breezy Flour Tortillas Recipe for you again:

1. Need very less ingredients (pantry ingredients) to make great tasting Flour Tortillas.
2. Don't need to own a Tortilla Press. A large rolled tortilla and old bowl to cut circles works just fine.
3. No weekend project, make fresh soft tortillas, any day. How about, next Taco Night?.
4. Say good bye to store bought, old (God knows when cooked) and tasting like soap tortillas.
5. Cook at home! Be a proud Chef De HOME!

Happy Cooking!

Homemade Flour Tortillas Recipe | ChefDeHome.com (5)

Homemade Flour Tortillas Recipe | ChefDeHome.com (2024)
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